How To Make A TV Dinner Sheet Cake

I think we're all tired of those Father's Day sheet cakes with the collar and tie...ugh. In fact, our Dad never wore a tie to work. So, when we were brain storming easy and clever ideas for a cake for our Dad, we couldn't pass up this TV Dinner Sheet Cake Idea. Not only is it so much fun to make but it really represents our "not so fancy" father who worked hard every day and looked forward to some relaxation in front of the television during dinner.

You can make this cake using a box mix and store bought frosting, or go completely from scratch. If you need recipes, look no further than our Classic Chocolate Cake Recipe, Classic Chocolate Frosting and our Brenda's Bakery Buttercream Recipe.

You want to start by baking your cake in a 9" x 13" aluminum grocery store sheet pan, this really makes it look like a TV Dinner. Remember to coat your pan thoroughly before pouring in your batter so that your cake slices come out evenly. 

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Whether you're making your cake from scratch or not, you want to start by baking your cake in a 9" x 13" aluminum grocery store sheet pan so that it really looks like a TV Dinner. Be sure to coat your pan well so that your slices come our easily. Once cooled, ice the top in chocolate frosting. It doesn't need to be too smooth.

Cake baked in an aluminum pan


Set your iced cake aside and work on the other food items to finish. Start by melting orange candy coating on half power in the microwave. Remove frequently and stir until melted. Spoon candy coating into the fried chicked mold. Tap the mold a few times to settle the coating and place it in the freezer for 10 minutes to harden. Pop the chicken pieces out.

Filling the fried chicken chocolate mold

Using a fried chicken chocolate mold

Next, cut up 6 Orange Starburst Candies and 4 Yellow Starburst Candies to look like carrots and corn. Mix them with your Green Sixlets.

Making Peas and Corn out of Starburst Candies

Green Sixlets and Starburst Peas, Corn and Carrots

Next, take two Yellow Starburst Candies. Flatten one with your fingers and pull and stretch it to make it look like melted butter. Flatten the other candy to make a thin pat of butter.

Yellow Starburst Pat of Butter


Here comes the fun part. Pipe gray icing using a large open tip (we used a #9 cupcake piping tip) to make the divisions in the pan. Then fill one section with peas, corn and carrots and fill the other section with white buttercream to look like mashed potatoes.

Add your chocolate fried chicken pieces and brush them with a little bit of cocoa powder to add some color.

How To Make A TV Dinner Cake

How To Make A TV Dinner Cake

Voila! Here's an amazing TV Dinner cake to celebrate the most classic of Dad's for Father's Day. Enjoy!

How To Make A TV Dinner Cake