How To Make Circus Animal Decorated Cookies


These super cool decorated circus animal cookies are an amazing addition to any circus themed birthday party. Starting with the perfect sugar cookie dough is the key to making beautiful cookies. Follow our step by step photo instructions for our Ultimate Sugar Cookie Dough, which not only tastes sweet and buttery, but rolls out easily and helps the cookies keep their exact shape for decorating.

Then, follow our step by step photo instructions for How To Make Royal Icing from a Mix for the icing steps. This will guide you on how to get the cookies covered and looking adorable. These cookies can be made days ahead, just make sure they're completely dry before storing them between wax or parchment paper in a snap lid container.

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Ultimate Sugar Cookie Recipe
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Roll and bake the cookies per the Ultimate Sugar Cookie Dough recipe.


Color flow Icing: To create color flow icing, prepare an entire package of royal icing mix using 9 tablespoons of warm water. (Double check for correct consistency by scooping up a tablespoon of icing and dropping it back onto the surface of the mixture. It should take 10 full seconds to dissolve. Add additional water as necessary in 1/2 tbsp. increments.)


Mix Colors: Divide icing into 5 equal portions, placing one directly into a squeeze bottle and the other 4 into disposable cups. Mix colors as follows: Red, Blue (adding a touch of black to create navy), Yellow ( adding a touch of brown to create mustard yellow) and Ivory ( mix small even parts yellow and brown). Pour the 4 colors into the remaining squeeze bottles.


LION: Outline the edge of the cookie and then zig zag icing in center until filled in solid. Repeat with remaining lions and set aside to dry. Once dry, use red and blue markers to draw stripes, pipe mane in red icing and add black pearl eye using additional icing.

ELEPHANT:Fill in cookies with red icing, add eyes and set aside until dry to the touch. Add ear in yellow and set aside to completely dry. Draw grid pattern on ear using a red marker.

GIRAFFE: Fill in cookies with yellow icing. Complete by adding eyes, red polka dots and trimming feet.

SEAL: Fill in cookies with blue icing for the body and red for the ball. Complete by adding eyes and white polka dots.

MONKEY: Fill in cookies with ivory icing. Pipe face and belly in yellow icing and add eyes. Once dry, outline face and body in red marker.

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