Fuzzy Bunny Bow Cookies Step x Step

Little white non pareils make these Easter bunny cookies sweet and "fuzzy". Dress them up with fondant bows or leave them plain for an easy Spring treat. Start with our Ultimate Sugar Cookie Dough recipe for perfect cookies everytime and then check out our How To Make Royal Icing from a Mix for step by step instructions on how to pipe them in icing.

Recipe Notes: Our sugar cookie recipe + one bag of royal icing mix makes approximately 20-25 cookies.

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One or two days ahead, make the little fondant bows so that they have some time to dry.

On a surface dusted lightly with powdered sugar, roll out a small portion of fondant very thinly. Using the small bow cutter, press firmly into the fondant and then shake the cutter back and forth gently to get a cleanly cut bow shape.

Remove the fondant around the bow so that you have just the bow pieces remaining.

 Cut the plastic straws into segments about 3" long or so. Use a tiny bit of shortening to coat the straw segments. Then, place two straw pieces on either side of the bow loop and fold the loop over, using a dab of water to adhere the bow loop into place.


Lightly brush the back of the rectangle piece of fondant with water. Gently lift the bow and fold the rectangle over the center of the bow. Make sure that it's wrapped neatly so that the bow still lays flat.

Lay the bow on a parchment covered tray to dry. Place the tails on the tray as well. Leave the top of the tails lying flat, but twist the bottom of the tails slightly to give them some character.


Prepare the cookie dough and bake the sugar cookies according to our Ultimate Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe using the bunny cookie cutters to cut out the shapes. Prepare the royal icing mix and then thin the royal icing into Colorflow Icing (see our How To Make Royal Icing from a Mix for step by step instructions).


Using a piping bag or squeeze bottle, fill in the top of the cookie and then use a toothpick to blend the icing together. Immediately sprinkle the wet icing in white non pareils and add the black pearl eye. Let the cookies completely dry.

Once dry, use some additional icing to attach the bow and tails to each cookie. This is like creating a little puzzle so you might need to trim the top of the tails to fit properly near or underneath each bow.

Easter Bunny Cookie Ideas | Cakegirls Tutorials

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