Easter Garden Cookies Step x Step

Hop to it and get started on making these adorable cookies for the kid's Easter table. This whimsical Easter cutter collection sets the stage for kid friendly designs and our step by step instructions will help you get a handle on how to execute them in the cutest way.

Our Ultimate Sugar Cookie Recipe and our How To Make Royal Icing From A Mix are our standby recipes for making delicious and adorable cookies.


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Prepare the Ultimate Cookie Dough Recipe from the Cakegirl's Recipe page. Roll and bake per the instructions using the Easter Garden Cookie Cutter Set.

When you are ready to decorate your cookies, prepare the Royal Icing Mix Recipe from the Cakegirls Recipe Page. You will then need to turn the batch into Colorflow Icing, which is thinner and perfect for covering cookies.

You can do this by stirring in a teaspoon of water at a time into the batch of icing until a scoop full of icing dropped back into the main mixture takes 10 full seconds to disappear. Take time to do this patiently so that your icing will be the correct consistency and not too runny.

Once your Colorflow Icing is ready, separate it into 5 bowls. Leave one white and tint the others green, yellow, orange and bright pink. Immediately put the icing in piping bags or squeeze bottles so it doesn't dry out. (We prefer to work with squeeze bottles because they're a bit less messy, but piping bags are fine too). Fit each bag with #3 tips. Cover any remaining icing with plastic wrap pressed directly on the surface so that it doesn't dry out.


Start by piping an outline on the bunny face. Slowly zig zag icing inside the outline to fill the cookie in. There will be gaps here and there. Take a toothpick and swirl it around in the icing to connect any gaps and to create a smooth surface.


Use the pink icing to create rosy cheeks and pipe the color inside the ears. Because the white icing is still wet, the pink icing will sink into the white. Then, use yellow icing to create the bow tie and add orange dots. Repeat with the remaining bunny cookies and set these aside.

Repeat this process with the beet cookie. Add orange horizontal stripes on top of the pink icing while it is still wet. (We switched to a #2 piping tip for these stripes to keep them a little finer).

Fill in the carrot with orange icing and immediately sprinkle the cookie with orange non pareils. Place a bowl underneath to catch any excess sprinkles.

Fill in the tops of the tulips with yellow.

The tulip, beet and carrot all have green portions. Fill each cookie in with green and immediately sprinkle with green sanding sugar. The beet and carrot cookies are now done!

Finish the tulips with piped white dots on the surface. The tulips are now done!

Go back to the bunny faces and pipe a small dot of icing for the nose. Use a toothpick to drag the icing nose down into a triangle shape.

How to Decorate Easter Cookies

Use a toothpick dipped in black gel food coloring to lightly sketch a mouth and eyes on the bunny. Keep dipping the toothpick as necessary to keep it saturated. (You can use a paintbrush for this if you are more comfortable, but we like how the toothpick makes the eyes and mouth look "drawn" on).

How to Decorate Easter Cookies

How to Decorate Easter Cookies

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