How To Make Easy Ballerina Pops

These adorable ballerina pops are so quick and easy to make. They're the perfect treat for your next ballet themed birthday party. This step by step photo tutorial starts with an easy to use torso lollipop mold. Once filled and chilled, the ballerina chocolates pop out with ease and then it's on to making quick and ruffly tutus. Add some sparkle up top and cupcake liners for the ruffles and you're good to go. No muss, no fuss and once your little ballet star sees these, you'll see pirouettes all over the kitchen!

Recipe Notes: 1 lb. of candy coating plus one package of cupcake liners makes 10 pops.

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Place some of your candy coating into a microwave safe bowl and heat on half power, stirring frequently until melted. Be sure not to overheat the coating or it may burn.

Melted White Candy Coating

Spoon coating into each mold until full. Use a toopick to drag the coating to the edges.

Filling a chocolate mold

Filling a ballerina chocolate mold

Place a sucker stick in each cavity and make sure it goes all the way to the top of the torso. Once placed, spin the stick a bit so that it's completely covered in coating. This will make the sucker more secure.

Place the mold in the freezer for 15 minutes or so, until very firm. Pop the torsos out and let them come to room temperature so that there is no condensation on them and they are dry to the touch (this is a good time to make all your pops!)

Torso chocolate lollipops


Once dry to the touch, use a paintbrush to dab piping gel where you want the sugar to stick. Make sure the torso is nice and sticky. Then sprinkle it with pink sugar. Use your finger to wipe away any sugar that gets stuck to the places you don't want it.

painting a torso chocolate pop

sanding sugar on a ballerina lollipop


Once all of your torsos are sparkly, take 3 or 4 baking cups, fold them in half and snip a very, very tiny slit in the bottom. Slide them up the sucker stick until they reach the torso. If they don't stay in place on their own ( some of ours did and some didn't), use a small piece of scotch tape to secure the bottom liner to the stick.

How to make an easy ballerina pop

How to make easy step x step ballerina pops

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