Mini Fondant Bunny Figurine Step x Step

Creating mini fondant figurines can be really challenging, especially when making them by hand. Well, this little topper is a whole lot easier with the use of an inexpensive Easter Bunny chocolate mold. Fondant and food coloring paint make this little rabbit spring to life in this doable step by step tutorial.

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Start by brushing shortening inside the front and back cavities of the bunny mold. Use a paper towel to wipe out the mold in order to remove any shortening clumps and to create an evenly greased surface. Sprinkle the mold cavities with an even layer of powdered sugar, flip the mold and tap out all the excess sugar so you have a light coating.

How to Mold a Fondant Bunny

How to Mold a Mini Fondant Bunny



Roll out 2 oz. of fondant, 1/2" thick. Place the fondant over the mold and stretch it a bit, if necessary, to cover the cavity. Firmly press the fondant into the cavity and then flip it to take a peek and make sure that you have it completely filled.

How to Make a Mini Fondant Bunny


Flip the mold back over. The center will most likely be a little indented so push and press a little of the excess fondant from the edges into the center until it's no longer concave. Next, use a rolling pin to roll over the back of the mold to create a flat surface. Then gently peel the bunny out of the mold and lay it down on a flat surface.

Create the back half of the bunny next, and then let both sides sit for 10 minutes to firm up a bit before the next step.

Coat the blade of your craft knife with a little shortening. Trim the excess fondant from the sides of each bunny half and then, use your finger to rub out any frayed edges or ridges on the sides of your bunnies.

How to Make a Mini Fondant Bunny

How to Make a Mini Fondant Bunny Figurine

Brush the back of one bunny with a coating of water and place the second half on top, making sure to line them up as best possible. Sit the bunny upright on it's bottom to dry for 15 minutes or so.


On dinner plates, place a drop of each food coloring gel: brown, pink, blue and black. Add a few droplets of vodka/extract next to each food coloring. (Keep the vodka on hand because you will need to add more as you work)

Tips for painting:

For Watercolor style paint, swirl a touch of gel into the vodka to make a lightly colored watery mixture.

For Opaque paint, do the reverse; mix a little vodka into the gel to thin it a bit for a darker, richer paint color.

Clean your brush thoroughly in between colors so that you don't get streaking.

Test out your paint color on an excess piece of fondant if you're not sure how light or dark it will be.

Brown: Mix up watercolor style brown and paint the bunny, leaving some areas unpainted.

Switch to a thicker, opaque brown color and use the tip of your brush to add little dashes to create fur texture.

Pink: Clean your brush off and use watercolor style pink color to add color to the ears and cheeks.

Switch to a thicker, opaque paint to fill in the nose and dots on the feet.

Blue: Use a water color style paint to fill in two pupils inside the eye sockets. (Scrape any excess color off your brush before doing this so you don't get any drips)

Black: Use opaque black paint to add a dot, top line and eyelashes to the bunny. Clean off the brush and switch to a very light watercolor gray and paint lines around the mouth, cheeks and paws.

Let this adorable little guy dry for a few hours before placing on a cake! What a cutie!

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