How To Make A Red And Green Cupcake Wreath

This stunning "pull apart" wreath cake is simple to make but still deserves to be the centerpiece at any holiday party. Use your own cupcake recipe or pick up store bought for an even quicker project. If you plan on going from scratch, check out our Vanilla Cake Recipe, Classic Chocolate Cake Recipe and Brenda's Bakery Buttercream which is our favorite piping icing.

Looking for more holiday cake ideas? Check out our Knitted Hat Cake tutorial or our Piped Christmas Tree tutorial for more inspiration!

Recipe Note: You will need 18 cupcakes to make a wreath. One batch of Brenda's Bakery Buttercream will be enough to pipe 18 cupcakes.

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This photo tutorial shows our cupcake wreath in pink and gold. The steps are exactly the same. To shop the pink and gold supplies, click HERE.


On a surface with powdered sugar, roll out a handful of the pink fondant to 1/8" thickness.

Rolling Fondant | Cakegirls Step x Step

Lift the sheet of fondant up and sprinkle a little more sugar underneath and a touch on top and spread it around with the palm of your hand. You want the surface to be dry which will make cutting the leaves easier.

Use the holly cutter to cut out a leaf, then gently press the plunger down to create a stamped impression. Lift and fully press the plunger to remove the entire leaf.

Fondant Holly Leaves

Place the half tube formers on a sheet tray lined with parchment and sprinkle with a little more powdered sugar. 

Place the fondant leaves on the formers to give them a curve. Repeat with various size cutters and the remaining pink fondant until the shee tray is full. This wreath will require approximately 80 leaves.
Let the tray dry overnight.

If you don't have the flower formers, you can dry your leaves on crinkled aluminum foil or bubble wrap to give them a curved shape.

Curved Fondant Holly Leaves

How to make Holly Leaves

Tint the icing a shade of pink a shade or two darker than the fondant. Pipe the cupcakes with a swirl of icing.

Piping Cupcakes

Place the cupcakes in a ring with 12 on the outside and 6 on the inside. (Place them on a tray if being displayed elsewhere).

Place the fondant leaves on the cupcakes facing in different directions to give the wreath texture.

How to Make a Christmas Cupcake Wreath

Place the gold gumballs around the wreath where you'd like and then go back and add the hot pink sixlets next.

Adorn the bottom of the cake with a tied ribbon to finish.

Christmas Cupcake Wreath Tutorial

Create this easy cupcake Christmas Wreath with our step x step photo tutorial.

Classic Red and Green Come To Life In This Easy Step X Step Project.

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