How To Make A Love Letter Fondant Topper

With our new envelope cutter, it's so easy to make an edible Love Letter Topper for a cake accent. Keep it closed for a sweet little decoration or showcase it open with a personalized message inside to make it even more spectacular. Let you inspiration be your guide to customizing this fun project.

RECIPE NOTE: The finished envelope size measure 4 1/2" x 4 1/8".

Valentine's Day Treat Tutorials

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On a surface dusted with powdered sugar, roll out a small portion of fondant very,very thinly, like 1/16" or so. You want to make it's thinner than you'd expect so that the envelope cutter works properly. Dust the top again with a tiny bit of powdered sugar before cutting so that the cutter doesn't stick. Then, press your cutter firmly into the fondant and shake it back and forth a little bit to make sure that you got a clean cut. Hold the cutter in place and remove the excess fondant so that you have a nice, neat envelope.


Next, use a paintbrush to dab a little water on the tip of each side flap. Fold them over and adhere them in the middle. 

Do the same with the bottom flap, using a few dabs of water to adhere in place.


Next, loosely fold the scalloped top down and adhere it just at the tip. Rather than folding it over really snug, you want to give it a little slack so that the closed envelope doesn't look too flat when finished. Then use your fingers to flare the scalloped edge a bit to give it some character.

Add a dab of piping gel and add on a small sugar mold heart to finish.


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