How To Make Christmas Present Cupcakes

These Christmas present cupcakes are perfect for beginner and advanced cake decorators alike. Iced in smooth buttercream and piped with a criss cross of color, the colorful bow topper is just a novelty cupcake ring! Imagine that....a cute, simple and quick cake making idea for the Christmas season.

Since these cute little cupcakes are a cinch, we recommend baking them from scratch. We recommend our Classic Chocolate Cake recipe or our Vanilla Cake recipe to start. We would top them with Brenda's Bakery Buttercream for a sweet finish.

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Red Foil Baking Cups - Set of 30
Red and Green Christmas Bow Cupcake Topper Rings - set of 24
Primary Color Confetti Quins
# 45 Flat Decorating Tip
3/4 oz Red Red Gel Paste Food Coloring
3/4 oz Leaf Green Gel Paste Food Coloring
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Bake your cupcakes in the red foil liners and ice the tops smoothly with a spatula. They don't have to be perfect.

Ice Your Cupcakes With Buttercream

Fill piping bags with red and green buttercream to match the novelty bow rings. Place a number #45 flat piping tip on each bag. Pipe a criss cross on each cupcake to match the bow color.

Red and green buttercream bags with #45 piping tips

Pipe a criss cross in buttercream on each cupcake

Place confetti quin sprinkles on each cupcake to make a polka dot print.

Place sprinkles on each cupcake to make a polka dot print

Place a novelty bow ring on each cupcake to finish. Easy peasy!

Place a novelty cupcake ring on each cupcake

Christmas Present Cupcakes

Christmas Present Cupcakes

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