Easy Scribble Stocking Cookie Tutorial

Christmas Stocking Scribble Cookies are so much fun to make with kids and give even the littlest tots a chance to personalize their own treats. Grown ups bake our Chocolate Cookie Dough Recipe and ice the cookies. Once dry, hand them off to the kiddies to get creative with food coloring markers. No muss, no fuss. Write their names, scribble a pattern, draw their favorite stick figure...let the kids go crazy while you wonder at their creative inspiration.

Looking for more cookie ideas? Check out our Sparkly Snow Globe Cookie tutorial and our Ugly Christmas Sweater Doggie Cookies for more inspiration!

Recipe Note: A 1lb. bag of royal icing mix covers 25 -30 cookies. Our Chocolate Cookie Dough Recipe yields 36 cookies.

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Using the stocking cookie cutter, bake the cookies according to the Chocolate Cookie Dough Recipe. When you're ready to decorate them, create a batch of RUNNY royal icing according to the How To Make Royal Icing From A Mix Recipe.

Separate the icing into 4 portions (one will remain white) and tint the other bowls light pink, light green and light blue (royal icing tints very easily so start by adding a tiny, tiny dab and then add a little more if necessary).

Place the icing in piping bags fitted with #3 tip or squeeze bottles. While you work, cover any unused icing with plastic wrap pressed to the surface so it doesn't dry out. Fill in the top of the stockings in white. Go back and fill in the rest of the stockings in various colors. (For tips on filling in cookies, refer to the How To Make Royal Icing From A Mix which shows some step by steps). Let the cookies dry overnight or longer until completely dry.

At this point, the dried cookies can be stored in an airtight container for a few days, between sheets of wax paper until ready to decorate.


This is the easy part. Once the cookies are dry, just hand over the food coloring markers to the kiddies and let them do their thing.


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