How to Make Conversation Heart Cakes

There's nothing that says Valentine's Day like the iconic Conversation Heart candies. They're the perfect inspiration to transform into cake and especially petit four size cakes. So, to make things easy, we started with store bought cake and icing and then used a food coloring marker to make the most personal messages ever.

Just be sure to let your petit fours thoroughly dry so that you don't dent the surface of the cakes with the marker tips. 1-2 hours should be sufficient.

RECIPE NOTES: This recipe makes approximately 16 petit fours. We used 1 - 16oz. Family Size Sara Lee Pound Cake and two tubs of store bought Vanilla Frosting to make this project.

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Slice the pound cake into 1" slices. Lay slices flat and use the 1 7/8" heart cutter to cut two hearts from each slice. (Save scraps for cake pops!) Place the cake hearts on a sheet tray fitted with a cooling rack.

Cutting out conversation heart cakes.


Evenly divide the two tubs of frosting into 4 microwave safe bowls. Tint each bowl with one of the food coloring pastes to the desired colors.

Tint icing pink to cover conversation heart cakes.

Next, microwave the first bowl of icing for 15-20 seconds or so until liquidy (icing should be a glaze consistency and run easily off a spoon).

Tint icing pink to cover conversation heart cakes

Working quickly, pour icing over the hearts, coating very generously and making sure to cover the sides.

Coat conversation hearts with tinted glaze.

Repeat with the remaining bowls of icing, microwaving one bowl at a time. Let hearts dry on the rack for 1 to 2 hours until the icing is very dry to the touch.


Use the food coloring markers to personalize the messages on the hearts. (Note: the icing can be easily dented so use the markers very gently on the surface of the petit fours). Use a spatula to gently remove each heart from the rack and place in a cupcake liner to serve.

Writing on Conversation Heart Cakes

How to Make Conversation Heart Cakes

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