How To Make Cutie Chocolate Owl Suckers

Owl love you forever or Whooo loves you the most? Whichever way you say it, these adorable Valentine's Day Chocolate Owl Lollipops make the perfect treat to accompany your classroom Valentine's Day card or to hand off to friends. So easy to make, these no bake treats are a great opportunity to have fun with your kids in the kitchen too. They start by adding a layer of melted candy coating to the mold for the colored belly and eyes and then filling the rest of the mold with the contrasting color. Add some candy eyes and sugar hearts and voila! have a quick and easy lolly that's the perfect way to show your affection.

Recipe Notes: Two bags of candy coating will make approximately 20 Owl suckers. You will need two packages of candy eyes to complete this project and only one container of heart sprinkles.

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Place some of the candy coating in two separate microwave safe bowls. Heat on half power, stirring every 30 seconds until melted (do not overheat or the coating could burn).

Melted candy coating| Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

Use a paintbrush to dab coating on the belly, eyes and ears of the owl mold. (It works much better to dab blobs of melted coating rather than brush it, which makes the layer too thin). Hold the mold up in the air and check the front side, you'll be able to see any unfilled or thin spots.

Alternate between the two colors of coating for variety. Reheat the coating if it starts to harden.

Filling in a chocolate mold with multiple colors | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials


Once the first layer of coating you painted is firm to the touch, you can fill each cavity with the opposite color using small spoonfuls of coating.

Filling a chocolate sucker mold | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

Use a toothpick to drag the coating to the edge of the mold to help fill in the details. Then, drop a sucker stick in and twist it so it's completely covered in coating. This will help the owl stay on the stick. Tap the mold gently on the counter to settle the coating and place the owls in the freezer for 10 or 15 minutes, until very firm.

Pink owl chocolate mold | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials


Remove the owl suckers from the freezer and gently pop them out (they should come out easily). Let them sit out and come to room temperature before adding the candies, about 15 minutes or so. Use some additional melted coating and a toothpick to dab it on the back of the candy eyes and hearts and adhere them to the owls. The heart sprinkles make perfect little beaks and two hearts can be put together on the pink owls to make a bow.

How To Make Owl Chocolate Suckers | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

See! We told you these little cuties were easy.

How To Make Owl Chocolate Suckers | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

How To Make Owl Chocolate Suckers | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

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