How To Make Classic Holly Leaf Cupcakes

These easy classic holly leaf cupcakes just shout Christmas. Clean, crisp, white buttercream topped with bright, cheery green fondant holly leaves and shiny red sixlet candies. It can't get easier than this. Perfect for an office party, family event or cocktail affair, these holiday treats are the ones to make this season.

We suggest making your holly leaves a day or two ahead of time so that you can dry them a bit on some crunched up aluminum foil or bubble wrap to give them a lively shape. If you don't have that time, don't sweat it. Just lay them on the cupcakes as is when you make them for a more relaxed look.

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On a surface dusted lightly with powdered sugar, roll your green fondant thin, about 1/8" or so. Press the punch cutter into the fondant, press the button down to make a veined impression and then lift and pop out the holly leaves. Leave them to dry overnight on some crunched aluminum foil or bubble wrap to give them some variation in shape. Or, just place them on immediately if you don't have the extra time.

These cupcakes are the all occasion idea for every Christmas party.

Place the leaves on white piped cupcakes and use the red sixlet candies for the berries. Voila! Merry Christmas!

 This is the perfect dessert idea for Christmas. Easy and so impressive.

Cake, Candy and Cookie Ideas Galore!

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