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Add some sparkle and elegance to your holiday sweet table with these gold and silver, shimmery, hand painted star cookies. Edible metallic luster dust mixed with clear extract is the "paint" that makes it easy to get creative and give each cookie your own personal twist. Modern polka dots or sophisticated stripes; any pattern is a great place to start with these fun, sparkly treats.

To start, check out our Ultimate Cookie Dough Recipe which can be baked ahead and see our How to Make Royal Icing From A Mix for tips on filling in the cookies.

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Using the star cutter set, bake various size cookies according to the Ultimate Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe

Once cool, prepare the color flow royal icing according to the How To Make Royal Icing instructions. Fill in the tops of the cookies by outlining the edge of the cookie first and then filling in the rest of the cookie. Let the cookies dry overnight until the tops are hard to the touch.


In a small mixing bowl, place 1/2 of a 2g container of gold luster dust and add 1/2 tsp. of clear extract or clear alcohol. Mix together until there are no lumps. The consistency should be like heavy cream and not watery. Add a few droplets of extract if too dry or a bit of powder if too wet. Do the same in a separate bowl with the silver luster dust.

Paint the cookies in whatever patterns you like. Keep mixing the paint to keep it emulsified while you are working. If the paint starts to thicken, the alcohol is starting to evaporate so correct this by adding a few droplets of alcohol until you have the right consistency again.

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