Mini Chevron Egg Cakes

It's time to "trendy up" your Easter brunch table with these easy to make bite size chevron egg cakes. Using store bought pound cake and pre made icing makes these darling desserts quick and easy and a stencil dresses them up with a modern pattern fit for spring. Make, relax, enjoy.

Recipe Notes: This recipe makes 1 dozen mini egg cakes

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3/4 oz Sky Blue Gel Paste Food Coloring
(1) 16 oz. Store Bought Pound Cake (Such as Sara Lee Brand)
Light Pink Baking Cups - Set of 32
3/4 oz Yellow Gel Paste Food Coloring
(2) 16 oz. tubs store bought vanilla icing
Luster Dust - Antique Gold - 2g
Fat Daddio's White Rolled Fondant Icing - 8 oz
3/4 oz Deep Pink Gel Paste Food Coloring
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Tint half of the fondant peach (pink gel paste + touch of yellow gel paste) and half of the fondant mint green (blue paste + touch of yellow gel paste). Set the fondant aside, tightly wrapped in plastic and inside a plastic ziplock bag.

Next, divide one of the tubs of frosting into two bowls and match your fondant colors. Place plastic wrap on the surface of the green icing.

Pull the frozen pound cake out and let it sit for a few minutes until slightly thawed. Slice the rounded edge off the top of the cake, flip the cake over and cut the entire cake crosswise into two even layers. Use the small egg cookie cutter to cut out 12 egg shapes. Place 6 of the eggs on a sheet tray fitted with a cooling rack, place the other 6 eggs in the freezer.


Place the peach icing in the microwave and heat for 10 seconds, stir and then heat for 10 more seconds. It should be the consistency of a pourable glaze. Immediately pour the icing over the eggs, making sure to thoroughly cover each egg. If you run out of icing before all 6 eggs are covered, don't sweat it. Just scape up any icing off of the tray and reheat as necessary before continuing.

Let the eggs sit until the icing sets a bit, about 15 minutes. While the eggs sit, use scissors to trim the height of your cupcake liners so that they are more shallow. This will make placing the eggs easier and look prettier!. Use a spatula to transfer each egg to a cupcake liner.

Repeat this entire process with the remaining eggs and the green icing.

Divide the remaining tub of icing into two separate bowls and tint each color a darker shade than the glaze. Once again, place plastic wrap on the surface of the green icing.

On a surface dusted lightly with powdered sugar, roll out 1/2 of your peach fondant into a long, very thin rectangle. Place the stencil on top and hold it steady while you ice the top with a generous layer of peach icing. Use your spatula to evenly remove excess icing until you can see the surface of the stencil. Carefully lift the stencil to reveal the pattern and then set the stencil aside. Trim any excess fondant around the pattern and save it for the next roll out.

Let the fondant sit for about 5 minutes to firm up and cover your bowl of icing in plastic wrap.

Use the egg cutter to cut out a shape. Brush a cake egg with a touch of water and position the fondant egg shape on top.

You will get 4 egg cut outs from this stencil size. Discard any fondant scraps that have icing on them and use the remaining peach fondant to repeat this process and cover the remaining eggs.

Repeat the entire process with the green eggs as well.

Place 1/2 jar of gold luster dust in a bowl. Add the clear extract a few drops at a time until you have a paintable mixture that is the consistency of heavy cream. Paint various stripes on the eggs. Add additional drops of extract as necessary because the gold paint will thicken as you work with it.

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