How To Make Mini Mice Cakes


These spooky little mice cakes will send shivers down your spine and satisfy your sweet tooth all at the same time. They're the perfect festive trompe l'oeil treat for the Halloween party table and even the squeamish will think they're delicious once they find out they're filled with red velvet cake and covered in chocolate. An easy to use mouse chocolate mold makes them fool proof and takes the guess work out of making them look like the real thing.

We decided to make these when we saw how crazy people went for creepy individual treats like our Oreo Cookie Mummies or our Super Easy Zombie Graveyard Cupcakes.

One recipe note, we went a little overboard and decided to forego the tail that comes with the mold and finish them with fondant tails instead. But if you want to go a different route, just carefully fill the tail part of the mold with melted coating and skip the fondant. Either way, these mice will not disappoint....let the EEEKS! begin.

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Start by placing some of the white candy coating in a heat proof cup or bowl. Heat on half power in the microwave, removing to stir every 30 seconds until thoroughly melted. Do not overheat the coating or it could burn, so keep a close eye on it!

 Drop a teaspoon or so of the melted coating into a mouse mold cavity and then use your paintbrush to dab and spread the coating up the sides of the mold to create a shell, making sure to fill the details of the feet. Do not fill the mouse's tail.

You want the shell to be sturdy enough to hold the cake filling so don't paint the layer too thin. Once the shell hardens, you can go back and dab coating in any thin spots. Your shell should be about 1/8" thick.

Place the entire mold in the fridge for 5 minutes to harden.

Once the shells have hardened, push a tablespoon or so of red velvet cake pop filling into each cavity. Leave a gap so that you have room to seal the mold.

Scoop and brush some additional coating on the back of each mouse to seal the mold. Place the entire mold in the freezer for 10 minutes until very firm.

Pop the mice out onto a cutting surface and let them come back to room temperature. If you feel like the edges of the mice are messy or need to be cleaned up a bit, use a craft knife or paring knife to trim off any hanging coating.

 Pour out the primary confettiquin sprinkles and separate out a handful of red confetti. Use a toothpick to add a dab of coating on each eye and nose and attach a red confetti. Now, the mice are ready for some tails!

Roll a pea sized piece of white fondant into a thin rope and taper it at one end. Cut the other end blunt so it can be attached to the back of the mouse.

Dip the blunt end of the tail in some melted coating and then attach it to the back of each mouse. Make sure to curl each tail a different way so that every mouse looks a little bit different. Let the tails dry for a bit and then the mice can be transfered to a serving tray if desired.

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