Butter Cow How-To

Why settle for a plain ol' stick of butter when you can spruce up your spring table with a butter cow. It's as simple as softened butter pressed into a chocolate mold. Fun to make, fun to eat.

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To start you will need two sticks of softened butter and a few office binder clips to clamp the mold.

Start by folding the chocolate cow mold in half at the crease point to align both sides. Next, place softened butter in a bowl and use a rubber spatula to cream the butter until smooth. Spread butter into each side of the mold, making sure each side is slightly overfilled (This will ensure that the two sides adhere when assembled). Lift the mold into the air to see if there are any air pockets and re-squish the butter into the mold as necessary. Bend the mold together, aligning both halves and use office binder clamps to keep the mold tightly in place. Place in the freezer until firm.


Use some excess softened butter to spread on the serving dish where you will be displaying the cow. Remove the cow from the freezer and gently unmold. (If any small pieces remain in the mold, use a knife to remove them and squish them in place onto the cow. Place the cow on the dish in the softened butter to steady it and place it in the fridge. Accent with herbs if desired. Remove just before serving.

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