Orange Poppy Flower Cupcakes

Brighten your party with these simple-to-make Poppy cupcakes. Candy flowers with gumdrop centers trick the eye and make a yummy finishing touch!

Makes 24 cupcakes

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1 Two days in advance: Make orange candy clay.

2 One day in Advance: Make poppy flowers. Divide clay into 8 even pieces. Choose one piece and set unused portions aside, lightly wrapped in plastic. Knead clay to soften until pliable but not mushy. Coat rolling mat with a very light dusting of cornstarch. Roll clay to 1/8" thickness, rotating and flipping often to avoid sticking. Using rose cutter to cut out poppy flower. Use a toothpick to gently pry flower from cutter if necessary. Place back on mat. Use toothpick to create indentations in each petal to add texture. Lift flower with palette knife and transfer to one cavity of the muffin tin to create a cupped flower. Use fingers to ruffle, roll and tweak edges of poppy. Repeat with remaining clay, re-rolling scraps as necessary until you create 24 flowers. Each of the 8 portions of clay will produce 3 flowers. Let flowers dry overnight in cool spot.

 3 Spatula ice cupcakes with buttercream leaving a well in the center to help support flower. Place in fridge for 15 minutes to firm up buttercream. Place flower on top of each cupcake

4 Dab a dot of buttercream on the bottom of the gumdrop and add to center of flower. Using a paintbrush, lightly moisten center of flower around gumdrop with water. Sprinkle with black non-pareils.

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