How To Make Edible Glue

So, many people use water to adhere fondant pieces together, but often time it can be a bit too thin and slippery and doesn't really work when sticking together fondant that's a bit more dry. Sometimes you need some glue that's more like Elmer's; brushable but not drippy. Well, we're here to help...and it's a really simple solution. Follow the directions below and you'll have an instant edible glue that you can store in the fridge in a tiny snap lid container and pull out when you need it.

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Take a pea sized ball of fondant and place it in a little container or glass. Add a droplet or two of water and mash it with a paintbrush until you have a paste. 

Thin the paste with a few more droplets of water until you get a runny consistency. Make as little or as much as you need! Voila! Then use it as necessary to adhere very soft or even slightly dry pieces of fondant together.

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