Paper Poppies

Make your favor boxes bloom when you transform simple cupcake liners into pretty paper poppies.

Makes 10 favors

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Step 1

Flatten 3 orange baking cups and lay them evenly on top of each other. Using scissors, create petals by making five evenly spaced cuts around outside edge towards the center, leaving the center circle in tact. Snip top squared edges of each petal to create a rounded edge. Use a craft knife to puncture a small "x" through center of the 3 liners. Set aside. Repeat 10 times for the entire project.

Step 2

Gather 3 black baking cups. Crumple the first into a small ball. Taking the seond, flatten and cut out the inside circle, discarding the textured rim . Wrap this circle around the crumpled ball and set aside. Take third baking cup, flatten, cut out circle center, discarding the rim, and make multiple 1/2" long snips on the outer edge towards the center, keeping the center in tact. Use a craft knife to puncture a small hole in the center (This will be your stamen layer). Repeat 10 times for the entire project.

Step 3

Take the center ball and wrap in twine to cover, being sure to leave 3" of twine at the beginning and end of ball. Once wrapped, knot the two ends together to secure the twine around the ball. Repeat 10 times for the entire project.

Step 4

Prepare box by folding and then puncture a small "X" in the center of the lid with a craft knife. Layer 3 cupcake flowers and stamen layer on top of box, lining up the center holes. Take twine ball and thread both loose ends through the hole, using a toothpick to push through. Lift lid and tie string ends in a knot,securing flower to the lid. Clip excess. Place treats or cupcake inside. Secure with tape, trimming the end of the tape into points.

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