How To Make A Giant Donut Cake

Everyone loves donuts, am I right? So, it only makes sense to have a Giant Donut Cake in your cake making repetoire to whip up whenever the occasion arises. You can only create so many round birthday cakes with piped flowers and writing. Sometimes, you have to mix it up a bit and this all occasion Donut cake is what you call a crowd pleaser. Can you sculpt this cake by hand?..yes, but what a headache. We used a donut shape cake pan to cut the time in half and make the starting shape a no brainer. We iced the donut in buttercream to avoid the struggle of trying to make fondant fit a donut shape, but we kept fondant on top so we could brush it with a bit of glaze for that donut shine.

This cake is easy to make and will work for 100 different occasions. You can use our Classic Chocolate Cake Recipe or our Vanilla Cake Recipe if you want to make the cake from scratch or you can easily opt for a box mix. But, you'll want to make homemade American style buttercream. Our go to recipe is Brenda's Bakery Buttercream  because it's delish and easy to smooth out.

Recipe Notes: You'll need 1 1/2 batch of Brenda's Bakery Buttercream for both the interior pink filling and the exterior icing.

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Bake your cake in the donut shaped cake pan. Be sure to thoroughly grease and flour the pan before adding your batter so that the cake pops out easily. Once cooled, wrap in plastic wrap and place it in the freezer so that it will firm up for the icing layer. Leave the cake in the freezer until it's very firm...about 2 hours or so.

Donut Shaped Cake Pan

Make your buttercream while the cake is chilling. Tint 1/4 of your batch of buttercream hot pink, tint the remaining buttercream a tan color (we used brown + yellow gel paste).

Tinted American Buttercream Recipe


Slice your cake in half. Use a spoon to dig out a trench in the middle of the cake about 1" wide. We didn't "scrape" the trench out, we used a spoon to "scoop" the trench out, which made it a bit easier.

Filling the inside of a giant donut cake

Pipe pink icing into the trench. Then, use the back of the spoon to press the icing down inside the trench to make sure it's really stuck and smeared in there. (Trust us, we didn't do this right the first time and the filling fell out when the cake was flipped...oops!)

Filling a giant donut cake

Place your cakes in the freezer for 15 minutes or so, until the icing in the trench is firm. Then flip the top half onto the bottom half (We just winged this, and used our hands to flip it)


Ice the donut in a thin crumbcoat layer to seal in any crumbs. Then generously coat the donut in tan icing.

Place the cake in the fridge until the icing gets firm (15 minutes or so) and then dip your spatula in hot water, shake off the excess and smooth out the cake as best possible. This does not need to be perfect, in fact it looks more like a fried donut if it's left a little rustic.

Crumbcoating a giant donut cake

Icing a giant donut cake

Smoothing a giant donut cake


Place your cake in the fridge while you work on the next step. Use a pencil to trace your pan shape onto wax or parchment paper, this will give you a guide as to how big you should make your fondant "glaze". Cut out the template.

Tracing a donut pan

Roll out your fondant bigger than the template and instead of cutting directly around the ring, cut waves around the edge of the template, which will look like drips when the fondant is put on top. If you have rough edges like we did, use your finger to smooth and soften them.

Cutting out fondant for a donut cake

Smoothing cut fondant with your finger

Remove your cake from the fridge and lift and place the fondant on top.

Adding fondant to a donut cake


In order for the fondant to really look like glaze, we painted a layer of edible lacquer. Mix together one tablespoon of corn syrup with one tablespoon of vodka (or very high proof alcohol). Use a paintbrush to apply the glaze. Immediately add the sprinkles on top so that they stick and let the cake dry until the laquer is dry to the touch.

How To Make An Edible Laquer

How To Add Shine To Fondant

Adding sprinkles to a giant donut cake

Voila! You now have a giant donut cake. Enjoy!

How To Make A Giant Donut Cake

How To make a Donut Cake for a donut Party

Cutting a giant donut cake

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