Baby Shoe How -To

These adorable little shoes are the perfect sugar topper for any baby shower cake. Our baby bootie cutter set makes the shoe construction easy and switching up the colors and pattern creates a different set of shoes for each occasion. Make them ahead for a no stress decoration to be added to your favorite iced cake.

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Before starting, you should prepare some edible glue. As an alternate, use an egg white at room temperature to glue the gum paste pieces together.


Using paste food coloring, tint a small portion of gum paste light pink and a small portion red. Lightly coat your rolling board with a very thin layer of shortening.

Roll out a portion of pink gumpaste the same thickness as the sole cutter and cut out the shape. Place it on a small piece of parchment paper. This will make it easier to maneuver the shoe later. Set the shape aside.

Roll out some additional pink gumpaste very, very thin. About 1/8" thick or so. Cut out the back and the toe parts of the shoe.

Use a craft knife or a toothpick to remove the holes and then use the stitching tool to stitch the edges of each piece to add texture.

Place the two shoe pieces inside a large ziploc bag and press out all the air so the pieces are fairly air tight. This will keep them from drying out while your work.

Next, roll out a small portion of red, once again very thinly, and cut a duplicate back piece. Remove the matching light pink back piece from the bag, brush the top with a very thin layer of gum glue and position the red piece on top. Place the piece back in the bag while you assemble the shoe.


Brush gum glue on the inside edge of the toe piece and adhere to the outside edge of the sole, using a piece of crumpled plastic wrap to support the toe. This will take a little time to position it properly and to make sure that it is adhered.

Use the veining tool to tuck and manipulate the shoe pieces to make sure they are well adhered.

Remove the double colored back piece from the bag and attach it to the back of the shoe with some glue. Wrap the sides around and attach each side to the front as well.


Roll a very thin piece of white gum paste and use a piping tip to cut out polka dots. Attach them to the shoe with some additional glue. Place a sugar heart on top of one of the polka dots to finish.

Cut thin strips of red gumpaste to create the bow. This is not actually tied together, but pieces that are added separately to give the illusion that it is a tied bow. Start with a strip from hole to hole. Create two bow loops and add them separately and then add the knot in the middle to disguise the intersection.

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