How To Make Dinosaur Bone Cupcakes

Every kid goes through their dinosaur phase and has the dinosaur birthday party to match. With our new Dinosaur Bones Cupcake Tutorial, you'll turn every party guest into an instant cupcake palentologist and with no special skills required.  Start by filling the T-Rex and Triceratops chocolate molds with melted candy coating, pop in the freezer for a few minutes and voila, edible fossils in an instant. Arrange them on chocolate frosted cupcakes, top with some Oreo cookie crumbs and jelly belly rocks and'll look like you just left Jurassic Park.

RECIPE NOTES: For the cupcakes, we're partial to our Classic Chocolate Cake recipe and Classic Chocolate Frosting, but even store bought cake and icing will work in a pinch. A 16 oz. bag of candy coating will make at least 4 dinosaur skeletons, so don't fret if you're having a lot of guests; you'll have plenty of bones. The bones can be made several days ahead and stored, covered at room temperature.

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In a large heatproof bowl, heat 1/2 of the candy coating on half power in the microwave, stirring frequently until melted. (Do not overheat the coating or it will burn). Fill the cavities of both the T Rex and Triceratops molds. Tap them on the counter gently to remove any air bubbles and then place them in the freezer until very firm, about 20 minutes.

How To Fill A T-Rex Chocolate Mold

How To Fill A Triceratops Chocolate Mold

T Rex Fossil Chocolate Mold

Once completely solid, remove the molds from the freezer. Gently pull away the edges around each bone before turning the mold over and popping the pieces out. Don't worry, if any of the bones break, you can either remelt them and mold them again or just glue them together with some melted coating.

Chocolate Dinosaur Fossils


Ice up your cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Arrange them on your serving platter (we used a wood cutting board) and then arrange your dinosaur fossil bones on top.

Homemade chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting

Dinosaur Fossil Cupcakes


We scraped out the white center from some Oreos, crushed them in a bag and sprinkled them on top to create some edible dirt. We also added some speckled Jelly Bellies that looked like rocks and Voila!...we got our selves some easy to make dinosaur fossil cupcakes!

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