How to Make Mini Fondant Bows

Mini Fondant Bows come in handy for a variety of different uses and our easy to use Mini Bow Cutter and step-by-step instructions take the guess work out of these beautiful little decorations. For best results, make them atleast a few days ahead so that they have ample drying time to hold their shape. If you plan on making a lot of them in advance, let them dry thoroughly and then place them in a snap lid container for later use.

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Snip jumbo straws in thirds and lightly coat with shortening.


On a surface lightly coated with powdered sugar, roll some fondant very thinly. Use the bow cutter to cut out the bow pieces by pressing firmly and gently shaking the cutter back and forth in the fondant to get a clean cut. Remove the pieces around the fondant.


Place a piece of straw in the middle of both sides of the bow. Create your first loop by folding one side over and attach the fondant to the middle using a dab of water. Repeat the with the second side of the bow to create the second loop.

Brush a light coating of water on the back of the small rectangle piece and gently fold over the center of the bow. Place the bow on a parchment lined tray to dry.

Tweak and bend the bow tails, keeping in mind that the blunt ends of the tails need to dry flat in order to lie underneath the finished bow. Place them on the tray to dry next to the bow. Dry for several hours or overnight. Then, gently twist the straws to loosen and then slip out of the loops. (Note: We prefer to add the tails later. Feel free to attach the tails underneath the bow with a light coating of water while the fondant pieces are still soft if you'd like the bow to be one entire dried decoration)

Now see these cuties in action!