Molded Cake Pops

Molding cake pops into into little works of art couldn't be easier. A few simple ingredients and letting the mold do the work creates spectacular results every time.


Cake Pop Recipe

Candy Coating Discs

Paramount crystals


Sucker Chocolate mold

Sucker sticks

Microwave safe small bowls


Squeeze bottles (optional)


Step 1: Paint the mold
If necessary, cut your sucker sticks to fit the chocolate mold and set aside. In themicrowave, melt the candy coating colors necessary for your project in 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until smooth and almost melted. Remove and continue to stir until completely melted.(Be careful to avoid overheating the coating). Add a few paramount crystals to the coating, as necessary, until the consistency is fluid ( this may vary with each coating color because darker colors tend to be thicker). Using paintbrushes, apply a layer of each coating color in the mold as desired, creating a shell.  Let dry and repeat a second layer to strengthen the shell, making sure there are no gaps. 

Step 2 : Press in cake
After the shell layer of coating is dry, scoop a small portion of cake pop mixture and press it into the mold. Fill slightly lower than the back of the mold. Dip the end of sucker stick in melted coating and press it  into the cake while placing into the mold.

Step 3 : Coat the back
Use the remaining melted coating to fill the back of the mold, covering completely.(A squeeze bottle will make this easier, but a spoon will work as well). Freeze until firm. Release from the mold. These will keep in the fridge for several days.