Mini Poinsettia Cakes Tutorial

These ridiculously cute mini poinsettia cakes are simple to make and, in a sea of Christmas cookies, they'll be the stand out dessert on any holiday treat table. This project can be completed in just a couple of simple steps. A mini flower pot chocolate mold gets filled with melted candy coating and stuffed with crumbled brownies or cake pop filling and topped with a ready-to-use edible poinsettia. Yep, it's just that easy.


A 1 lb. bag of orange candy coating will make approximately 30 mini pots. 
Order the appropriate amount of poinsettias (6 per pack) for the number of pots you want to make.
1 cup of brownie/cake pop filling will fill approx. 10 pots.


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Start by crumbling your brownies into a bowl. Make sure the mixture is as fine as possible and doesn't have a lot of lumps. (You could also use chocolate cake pop filling instead of brownies)

In a microwaveable bowl, place some orange candy coating and heat on half power. Remove and stir every 30 seconds until completely melted. (Do not overheat the coating or it could burn).

Using a paint brush, dab melted coating inside the mini flower pot chocolate mold, creating a 1/8" shell. Once you have all the pots coated, place the mold in the fridge for 5 minutes.

Remove the mold from the fridge and hold it up to the light. Add additional dabs of coating anywhere you think the pots might need it until they look thoroughly coated.

Fill each pot with mounded brownies, pressing firmly. Once the pots are full, place the mold in the freezer for 15 minutes. Remove the mold and carefully pop the flower pots out.


Dab some melted coating on the back of each flower and place on top of a pot.

Painting Chocolate on Icing Poinsettia

Putting Icing Poinsettias on Chocolate Flower Pots


Cut your 4" x 4" foil square down to a 3" x 3" square.

Press the foil on the back of the chocolate mold to create the molded pot shape and drop a pot into each foil.

Adding foil to mini poinsettia pot cakes

Mini Red Poinsettia Pot Cakes

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