Heart Lace Cookies How-To

We used Fat Daddio's pro tools to make these delicious chocolate cookies. Lace stamps are an easy way to add delicate texture and alphabet cutters come in handy to create a personalized message. A yummy and simple way to say "I Love You".

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Roll and bake the cookies according to the Chocolate Cookie Recipe, using the largest heart scallop cutter for the shape. Prepare the royal icing mix per the package directions (add a touch of additional water as necessary to make a pipeable consistency). Place a lightly dampened paper towel on the surface of the icing so it doesn't dry out while you work.

 How to Bake Chocolate Heart Cookies

Next, on a surface dusted lightly with powdered sugar, roll out some hot pink fondant. Use a scalloped heart cutter that is one size smaller than what you used to cut out your cookies and gently mark some hearts in the fondant without cuttting through it.

Brush the Fat Daddio's lace stamps with a light coating of powdered sugar and stamp a lace pattern on each heart shape, letting the pattern extend past the edges and leaving a bit of space in the middle of each heart for a piped letter.

How to Make Lace Fondant Cut-Outs

Go back and line up your heart cutter and cut out the heart shapes.

Brush a light coating of water on the back of each piece of fondant and apply to the top of a cookie.

Chocolate Pink Lace Valentine Cookie How-to

Make a light impression in the center of the cookie using an alphabet cutter and then fill the impression in with icing. Pipe zig zag lines back and forth to mimic embroidery. Repeat this process until you spell the word "love".

Roll out some additional hot pink fondant. Dust the lace stamps with powdered sugar and stamp the fondant again, but this time use the lace cutters to make individual lace pieces. Brush them lightly with water and apply them to the cookies.

If your fondant lace hangs over the edge of your cookie, use the scalloped cutter to press down and trim the edges.

Chocolate Pink Lace Heart Valentine Cookie How-To

Pipe various size dots in between the lace to finish.

Chocolate Pink Lace Heart Valentine Cookie How-To


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