White Chocolate Oreo Heart Suckers

These oreo cookie crumb laced chocolate suckers could not be easier to make...seriously. They're no bake, two ingredients and I made them with my 4 year old daughter for her Valentine's Day treat...enough said? The best part is that the mold does all the work, so as long as you can fill them with melted oreo filling, they will come out shaped like pretty little hearts. So, surround yourself with little ones in the kitchen and get started on these no fail, quick and a delightful little treats.


One bag of candy coating mixed with oreo crumbs will make approx. 20 heart shaped suckers. You will need 2 packs of sugar mold hearts to cover all 20.

We used 5 Oreo cookies and crushed them with a rolling pin. We think this makes for a good chocolate to crumb ratio.

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Place the oreo cookies in a plastic sandwich bag and tap them with a rolling pin until they're coarse crumbs. Then, in a microwave safe bowl, melt the coating on half power, removing the coating frequently and stirring until just melted. (Do not overheat the coating). Stir the crumbs into the coating.

White Chocolate Oreo Heart Suckers

White Chocolate Oreo Heart Suckers

Spoon melted coating into each cavity. Gently tap the mold on the counter to release any air bubbles. Place a sucker stick in each cavity and twist to submerge the end completely in coating. Place in the fridge until very firm, 15 minutes or so. Remove suckers from the mold.

Filling Heart Sucker Mold with White Chocolate

Filled White Chocolate Oreo Heart Suckers

How to Make White Chocolate Oreo Heart Suckers

How to Make Chocolate Heart Suckers


Use a toothpick to dab a bit of left over coating on the back of a sugar heart and place it in the center of the Oreo pop. Voila, and now you're done. Reheat the mixture on half power again to finish the additional pops

How to Make White Chocolate Heart Suckers

How to Make White Chocolate Heart Suckers

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