Easy Ski Slope Cupcakes Step x Step

This little winter ski scene is a fun way to display your homemade or storebought cupcakes. Pile them high with buttercream, adorn with icing laced trees, skiiers, and snowflake sprinkles for a quick, kid friendly Winter centerpiece. Cakegirls Buttercream Recipe and Vanilla Cake Recipe work great for this, but box mix and store bought icing work just as well.

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In the above photo we used 8 standard cupcakes,10 mini cupcakes,1 set of skiiers and 2 sets of pine trees to create the scene. This scene is easily adjustable if more cupcakes are needed by adding more trees to the sides or additional ski trails throughout.

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Bake your cupcakes in the both size liners.

Pile them various heights with buttercream and roughly smooth them to create hills.

Take a butter knife or thin spatula and create grooves going through the center of the hills to create the trail the skiiers will be on.


Place your skiiers on. Then, smear some buttercream on the pine trees and place them on the surrounding cupcakes.

Sprinkle the entire scene with edible snowflakes and boom, your done!



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