Snow Globe Cookies Step x Step

Sometimes during Christmas, instead of making lots of under decorated cookies, we like to concentrate on one spectacular cookie and make lots of them to give as gifts. Well, this year, it's our fully decorated XL Snow Globe Cookie that is going to be the show stopper. Our Ultimate Sugar Cookie Recipe and Easy Cookie Glaze Recipe are the jumping off point, but by adding a few simple accents, the snow globe cookies come to life. Follow our step-by-step instructions to make this your go to cookie of the Holiday season.

RECIPE NOTES: One batch of sugar cookie dough and cookie glaze will make approx. 12-14 XL cookies. However, you will have enough fondant, and sprinkles (if bought below) to create 24 cookies. Double your cookie and glaze recipe if desired.

Christmas Treat Ideas

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Bake the cookies per the instructions on the Ultimate Sugar Cookie Dough Recipe (This can be done in advance). When ready to decorate, make the Easy Cookie Glaze recipe, separate into bowls, tint 2/3 light blue and leave 1/3 untinted. Drizzle the glaze into squeeze bottles and cover any unused glaze on the surface with plastic wrap so it doesn't dry out. If you don't have squeeze bottles, you could use a piping bag or a spoon to spread the glaze, but squeeze bottles help keep things clean and exact.

Coloring Glaze for Snow Globe Cookies

Pipe an outline about 1/4" in from the edge of the cookie base and then fill the outline in with zig zags. Use a toothpick to swirl together any gaps in the icing. Immediately sprinkle the base with Silver Sugar Crystals before moving on to the next cookie.

How to Glaze Snow Globe Cookies

Filling in Glaze on Snow Globe Sugar Cookie

Adding Silver Sugar Crystals to base of Snow Globe


Repeat this whole process with the upper part of the cookie in blue glaze. Immediately sprinkle White Non Pareils at the base of the blue glaze, making the bottom area more dense and adding less sprinkles throughout the rest of the cookie.  Let the cookies dry thoroughly before adding the trees so that you don't make dents. This could take up to 4 hours or so, but may vary depending on your kitchen temperature.

Filling in Snow Globe Sugar Cookie with glaze

Filling in Snow Globe Sugar Cookie with glaze

Adding edible confetti to snow globe sugar cookies



On a surface dusted lightly with powdered sugar, roll out some green fondant very thinly, 1/8" or so and cut our various size trees. Use a paintbrush or your finger to dampen the back of the trees with water and arrange them on the top of the cookies.

Cutting Out Green Fondant Pine Trees

Adding green fondant pine trees to snow globe sugar cookies

Add additional white glaze to the trees and then immediately sprinkle with more white non pareils to make snow capped trees. Let the cookies thoroughly dry (we let ours sit overnight) before stacking or packaging.

adding glaze to edges of green fondant pine trees


finished snow globe sugar cookies

finished snow globe sugar cookies

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