Can You Freeze Cake Batter to Use Later?

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Even if you’re not that big of a baking fan, you must know batter serves as the heart and soul of any cake; it’s the glue that holds all the ingredients together! And that’s why, unsurprisingly, I’ve had a lot of curious readers ask me whether it’s okay to freeze cake batter without risking its deliciousness.

Cake Batter can you freeze

No sweat. With years of baking experience under my belt, I’m here to put all your concerns to rest while sharing a few extra tricks!

Can You Store Cake Batter In The Fridge

Yes! Once your cake batter is all set and ready to be frozen, you have about three months to keep it safely in the freezer, whether store-bought or as part of your own homemade cake recipe!

And here’s the catch: some types of batter freeze better than others. If your cake uses oil or butter (think classic flavors like chocolate, carrot, or vanilla cake), go ahead and freeze away! Those batters have enough fat to hold up in extreme temperatures, not to mention their very stable structure from creaming the sugar and butter together. No wonder they can stay flavorful for months of being frozen up!

And how about batter with egg whites, like sponge or chiffon cakes? Sorry to say this, but freezing it won’t work out well; for freezer storage, I only stick to butter or oil-based batters in any case. 

A heads-up: Baked cakes from frozen batter might not rise as high as usual, I must admit. Luckily, their flavors will still hit the right spot!

How to Freeze Your Cake Batter

Method 1. If You Have No Idea What Cake You Will Bake

  • Get yourself some freezer bags (make sure they are sealable) and a marker, then label the bags with the exact date and the type of cake batter you’re storing. This way, you won’t have to play the guessing game later on when you’re in the mood for baking. 
  • Next, scoop your batter into these labeled bags. But don’t go overboard! Fill them up with just enough for a full-sized cake or one round of cupcakes, and leave a bit of space in the bag to give your precious batter some wiggle room when it freezes.
  • Finally, squeeze out any trapped air inside the bags before sealing them tight. Off to the freezer, they go! 

Just a heads-up: keep those bags upright until they’re frozen solid. You don’t want a batter spill making a huge mess in your freezer, right?

Method 2. If You Are Planning For Cupcakes

Cupcake Liners

Alright, if you are already planning ahead for some future cupcake cravings, this is the ultimate cupcake-freezing hack to save your day!

  • First things first, whip up your favorite batch of cupcake batter. You know, the usual mixing and blending until it’s all nice and smooth. 
  • Next up, get your cupcake muffin tin or tray ready, just like you’d do when baking fresh cupcakes. Drop in the cupcake cases and spoon the batter into each one. And again, remember not to overfill them! We only need enough for each. 
  • Now, pop everything into the freezer! Let those soon-to-be cupcakes chill in there for several hours until they’re nice and frozen.
  • Once those frozen cupcakes are solid, take the tray out and gently move them into your freezer bag. Of course, do not forget to label your bag with the date and contents before sealing it tight!
  • Return them to the freezer, and voila! You’ve got prepped, unbaked cupcakes ready to turn into tasty treats whenever the mood strikes!

Method 3. If You Crave Large Cakes

Crave Large Cakes
  • Start by prepping your cake tin. Give it a good greasing and lay parchment paper inside; that’s your base for this frosty journey! Now, spoon that cake batter into a pan (just pretend you’re about to pop it into the oven for baking). Fill it up as you usually would. 
  • Once it’s all set, it’s time to give your cake-to-be a chill session. Wrap the whole pan (plus the cake mix batter) in a big freezer bag. Toss everything into a freezer until it’s frozen rock solid! The process might take a few hours, so I often leave it there overnight and get back to it the next day.
  • When the cake’s completely frozen, take it out of the freezer. Gently pop it off your cake tin, parchment paper and all. Your cake should still hold its shape nicely when you put it into the freezer bag.
  • Ready for the big finish? Label your bag with what’s inside and today’s date, then let it settle again in the freezer for safekeeping until you’re ready to bake it to golden perfection!

Method 4. If You Plan To Use The Batter Very Soon

Do you only want to freeze your batter for less than 4-5 hours? Then, prep your baking pan first; it’s a time-saver when you’re in the baking zone! And trust me, disposable pans can be your besties here, especially when your batter decides to expand during the freezing process!

store cake batter

Some special cases:

  • For cupcakes or muffins: Pop them in the aluminum tin, wrap it up tight with foil and cling film, then place the whole thing into your freezer.
  • For loaf cakes: Prep your tin like you usually would – grease it up or lay down some parchment paper, pour your batter in, and seal it up with foil and plastic wrap. Then, straight into the freezer!

Extra: If you’ve got super-thick cakes in mind, freezing cake batter this way might affect how they turn out once you let them hit the oven.

How Long Can You Freeze Cake Mix?

I did mention earlier that you could store it for about 3 months. But honestly, from what I’ve learned during actual practices, it’s best to freeze the batter for a shorter period, ideally a week, for the ultimate flavor!

The shelf life also depends on what’s in your batter; for instance, do you use any special or rare items? In that case, you should check how long each separate ingredient can stay frozen first before sticking the entire batter into the freezer. 

Some of My Extra Storage Tips

  • Make sure there is extra space in the airtight container/freezer bags you use so that your cake can expand freely while chilling in the freezer.
  • Mix your cake batter well before freezing. Trust me, once it’s thawed, adding more ingredients is like a mission impossible!  
  • Fancy layer cakes or those with unique shapes? Thankfully, their freezing method is quite similar to regular cupcakes. Let them chill in the baking pan, then shift the pan to your airtight container. And, like with cupcakes, remember to return your frozen batter to the original pan while defrosting so it doesn’t lose shape.
  • When tossing those plastic bags into the freezer, watch out; you definitely don’t want a battery explosion! If you still struggle to keep them upright, consider stashing them in a tight container to ensure they sit nicely and straight. No more wobbling mess!

How to Defrost Your Frozen Cake Batter

If you leave that frozen batter out on the counter at room temperature, it might defrost real fast and end up a soupy mess, which isn’t what we want here. 

So what should you do instead? Put the container or freezer bag in your refrigerator the night before your baking time (or about 8 hours earlier at least). 

When ready, give your batter one or two solid stirs to blend everything together, then pour the mixture into the baking pan. That way, you’ll get a lovely cake that feels and tastes just right!


You can stash cake batter in the freezer for three months. But honestly, waiting that long might mess with the taste; I’d aim to use it within a week to keep those original flavors popping.

I’ve also lined up four batter-freezing solutions based on common needs. Yours isn’t vibing with those options? Then just hit me up for more advice

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