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Cake Girls offers a wide range of cake supplies, party decor, and DIY cake tutorials, allowing aspiring bakers to create their own masterpieces at home. We also continued to take on special cake orders, showcasing their creativity and artistry with each new project.

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Easy Santa Cupcakes

How To Make Easy Santa Cupcakes

These Santa Claus Cupcakes are a total breeze. Why, you ask? Because the amazing detailed …

Chocolate Cookie Dough Recipe

Chocolate Cookie Dough Recipe

This chocolatey cookie dough is buttery and crisp and is as delicious plain as it …

Easy Cookie Glaze

Easy Cookie Glaze

This cookie glaze whips up in minutes, is made from ingredients you already have in …

Buttermilk Spice Cake

Buttermilk Spice Cake

This moist spicy buttermilk cake is perfect for fall and winter and tastes amazing with …

How To Make A Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Cake

How To Make A Day Of The Dead Skull Cake

This Day of the Dead Skull Cake is very easy to make and will be …

Pretzel Look Alike Cigarettes

How To make Chocolate Pretzel Cigarettes

These “cigarettes” are the perfect gross out treat for your next Halloween party or to …