How To Make Modern Mini Gem Cakes

These mini faceted gem cakes are as trendy as can be and really, really easy to make. This project starts with bright blue cake pop filling, which is as simple as tinting your box mix before it heads to the oven, crumbling it up once it's baked and cooled and adding a bit of store bought icing until the mixture holds together.

Coat your mold, fill with cake and seal...those are the basic steps to get the job done. These individual faceted beauties look great staight from the mold, but you can easily up the glamour factor by sprinkling them with a dash of sparkling gold disco dust and really make these gem cakes shine. Your guests will never feel more special than when they're served their own individual pink and aqua diamond at your next party and they'll never know that they're a breeze to make.

Recipe Notes: This recipe makes approximately 10 individual gem cakes.They can be made up to 3 days ahead and kept in the fridge until party time.

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To make bright blue aqua cake pop filling, tint a yellow cake box mix batter with blue food coloring before you bake it in the oven. Once baked and cooled, crumble the cake until no large lumps appear and then thoroughly mix in just enough store bought icing (a few scoopfuls) until the filling holds together when squeezed in your hand. When you're done, place the mixture in the fridge while you complete the next steps.

Bright Blue Cake Pop Filling |Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

Separate your white candy coating into two microwave safe bowls. Add a few pink candy coating discs to one bowl and bright blue to the other bowl (we also added a few green discs because we were shooting for a light aqua color) Heat the bowls on half power, stirring every 30 second or so until melted. Now, continue to stir in colored discs until you get the color you like. If the coating starts to become less fluid, reheat and restir a bit.

Candy Coating Discs| Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

As a rough guide, we used twice as much white candy coating as we did colored.

Pastel Melted Candy Coating |Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials


Place a 1/4 teaspoon of hot pink sanding sugar into each cavity of your chocolate mold. Then, spoon in a tablespoon or so of light pink melted coating. Take a toothpick and stir the coating and sugar a bit so that the sugar is distributed and not settled in one spot. Then, tilt the mold to swirl the coating around in an asymmetrical pattern. Wipe away any coating the goes beyond the edge of the mold.

You can flip the mold over and take a look to see if the sugar looks well distrubuted. When you're ready, place the mold in the fridge for 5 minutes to harden.

Adding Pink Sanding Sugar to a Chocolate Mold |Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

Coating a mold with pink candy coating |Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

How To Make Mini Gem Cakes | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials


Remove the mold from the fridge and repeat this process using the aqua melted coating instead. However, with this layer, use the back of a small spoon to make sure the coating is spread over the entire mold. Once again, place the mold in the fridge for 5 minutes, until firm.

How To Make Mini Gem Cakes | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

How To Make Mini Gem Cakes | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

Remove the mold from the fridge and press cake filling inside, being sure not to overfill the mold so that you have room to seal it.

How To Make Mini Gem Cakes | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

Spoon more melted coating on top and use a spatula to spread it and seal the back. It might look a little bumpy, but that's okay.

How To Make Mini Gem Cakes | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

This time place the mold in the FREEZER for 15 minutes of so, until very firm, and flip the gems out of the mold.

How to make mini gem cakes using a chocolate mold | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

Repeat the process until you've used up all your ingredients. You can vary the design of the gems by swirling the two color together in the mold at the same time instead of layering them or doing solid gems instead. Also, if you find that your cakes pop out of the mold and have rough edges, just use a paring knife or x-acto knife to trim them.


Once all the gems are complete, sprinkle just a touch of gold disco dust on the tops to add super sparkle. You can sprinkle straight from the jar or if that's hard to control, you can dip a dry paint brush in and then tap it above the cakes.

How To Make Gold dusted mini gem cakes| Cakegirls step x step

Now your ridiculously pretty gems cakes are ready to be served. These can be made a few days ahead and refrigerated until party time. Enjoy!

How To Make Mini Gem Cakes | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

How To Make Mini Gem Cakes | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

How To Make Mini Gem Cakes | Cakegirls Step x Step Tutorials

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