Costco Cake Prices & Type – How To Order Them?

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Costco, the American retail giant, has something for everyone, even us cake fanatics! Whenever craving instant, delicious desserts without all the kitchen fuss, I would pop over to a nearby Costco.

Costco Cakes

But hey, I see some of you are still at a loss about Costco cake sizes and prices. So, let’s dig into it together and uncover all the sweet details!

How Much Are Costco Cakes?

At Costco, cake prices depend on what cake style or design you’re after, starting at about $16. The price will go up, depending on what type, flavor, and decorations you choose. A simple sheet cake won’t break the bank like a custom-made, all-the-frills-and-frosting kind of cake, right?

Cake type at Costco
Cake type at Costco

These figures can dance around a bit across different cities and regions. But hey, here’s a rough estimate for some common types of cakes from what I’ve seen in my own neighborhood!

  • Costco Sheet Cakes: They’ve covered all the basics with massive vanilla or chocolate versions. All half-sheet Costco cakes are big enough to feed a crowd – seriously, up to 48 people, and priced at $24.99 (plain ones).

Are you into adventurous sheet cake flavors like carrot, lemon/raspberry, or strawberry like me? Costco’s got those, too, though they might dig a bit deeper into your wallet.

  • Round Cakes or Birthday Cakes: The brand offers 10″ white or chocolate round cakes for smaller gatherings, serving about 14 to 16 guests. Obviously, these guys are way more wallet-friendly, charging about $15.99.
  • Tiered Wedding Cakes: Want one for your big day? Their pre-decorated tiered cakes vary in style and size. Based on your dream design, the number might hit a hundred of dollars or more!
  • Custom Cakes: People who adore tailor-made cakes are not left out of the fun; Costco allows you to customize your birthday cake with many available fillings and designs. Expect to pay more for your customization!
  • Seasonal Treats: And, of course, don’t miss out on their seasonal specials! Fall brings Pumpkin Spice Cake, for instance, and Christmas might surprise you with Holiday Cakes. I  must say that these seasonal fancies’ prices can dance to the tempo of occasion and design.

Some other treats you can find at Costco are:

  • Tuxedo cakes: $16.99
  • Cheesecake: $16.99
  • Caramel tres leches cake: $17.99
  • Cream pie with peanut butter and chocolate: $19.99
  • Mini carrot cake: $9.99

How to Order Costco Cake?

Getting a delicious Costco cake is as easy as pie (or, rather, cake!) Let me show you how if you are totally new to this: 

1. In-person at the Bakery

Costco prefers sticking to the classics, so here we go with the good ol’ way of ordering.

  • Head over to your local Costco warehouse. Once you’re there, head straight to the bakery department; trust me, you cannot miss it!
Costco bakery kiosk
Costco bakery kiosk
  • You’ll find a handy cake order form hanging around. Now, get ready for some fun: fill in all the details about your dream cake. Size, flavor, decoration style, fillings – just pour your heart out. 
Costco cake order form
Costco cake order form
  • Don’t forget to jot down the pickup date. Heads up: their bakery staff usually need at least 48 hours to work their magic, so plan at least two days in advance. 
  • Once your masterpiece is all penned down, pop it into the special slot box. Return on your chosen date and time to collect your cake and pay for it at the bakery counter. 

See? Piece of cake, right?

2. Online Pre-Orders (If Available in Your Area)

Are you one of those lucky guys living in areas where online pre-order features are accessible? Then Costco’s got you covered! 

  • Head to the Costco website and glide your cursor to the “Cake & Deli Orders” section. (Sometimes, they might have a fill-in form that you’ll need to download, fill out, and re-upload to their website; it’s a good idea to research and find out which method applies to your local Costco store!)
  • Pick your preferred Costco spot and brace yourself for the fun part – choosing your favorite from a variety of designs. Make it your own by adding a personal message or inscription if it floats your boat. 
  • When you’re all set and thrilled with your choice, pay for your order online to seal the deal. Mark your calendar for the pickup date and time you picked. 
  • Swing by your chosen Costco bakery counter and scoop up the cake. Time to spread some sweetness around!

And that, my friends, is how you cake it up with Costco. 

Other Things You Should Know Before Ordering

1. Flavor Options

Costco likes to keep things straightforward on the flavor front. They offer just two main options: the classic vanilla, known as the white cake, and the ever-popular chocolate cake. 

The delightful white cake, filled with heavenly vanilla cheesecake mousse, is usually topped with smooth buttercream. On the other hand, the rich chocolate version comes with luscious chocolate buttercream and is layered with a decadent chocolate mousse filling.

Worry that these two flavors seem too simple? Don’t fret; they still cover various options and can be spiced up with your personal touch.

2. You Can Choose To Decorate Them Yourselves

Costco cakes are like blank canvases waiting for your creative flair!

While premade cakes with pre-decorations still look pretty, they also have room for your own unique ideas, whether you’re a decorating novice or a seasoned pro. I usually add some icing swirls or garnish my Costco cakes with fresh fruits to give them that homemade charm for intimate parties or bridal showers.

3. Costco Cakes Have A Return Policy

One of the coolest things about shopping at Costco is their amazing satisfaction guarantee. And guess what? That policy covers their cakes, too! 

Say you snag a cake that doesn’t quite hit the spot or match your expectations; no biggie. Just take it back, and Costco will happily refund your money hassle-free.

4. Freezing Magic

There are those days when we’ve got our cakes a bit too early or have a change of plans. No problems;  Costco cakes freeze like champs.

Just pop that sweet treat in an airtight container or securely wrap it in plastic before stashing it in the freezer. When it’s time for your event, don’t forget to defrost it properly 2-3 hours ahead! This way, your layer cake will return to its mouth-watering texture in no time. 

5. Be Careful With Your Dietary Restrictions

When it comes to dietary needs (either for yourself or your guests), let’s face it: Costco cakes might not cover all the bases. As I just said earlier, they usually stick to vanilla and chocolate flavors, which might not be cut out for people with vegan/gluten-free preferences or any other specific requirements. 

What to do, then? Well, either get into the kitchen yourself or check out other nearby bakeries or dessert places.

6. Frosting Is Also Important

Costco’s classic white buttercream frosting tends to be on the sweeter side. Unfortunately, not all of us are into that sugary punch.

So, if you’re craving something less sweet or with a different flavor (like a tangy cream cheese frosting or a subtle whipped cream topping), consider bringing your own or checking out other bakeries. You know the drills; feel free to jazz up your cake with the right kind of frosting that makes your taste buds dance in delight! 


Man, Costco cakes are a steal! Seriously, when you compare their prices to other places, they’re usually way more budget-friendly. And the best part: they’ve got a wide variety of cake options for your sweet tooth!

Ordering in person might be slightly tricky for some at first, but honestly, the rest of the process is pretty smooth sailing. If you still feel lost, just shoot me a message.

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